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EU postpones introduction of ETIAS until 2025

The EU Commission has postponed the introduction of an electronic entry system to May 2025. Citizens from over 60 visa-free countries will then have to apply for a travel authorization in the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) before traveling to any of the 30 European countries. Source: AUMA – Current messages Read More

First glance at the 2024 trade fair year

A first glance at 2024 promises an incredibly strong trade fair year with no fewer than 350 trade fairs to be held in Germany. Global and European leading trade fairs in close succession will become centres of attraction for national and international exhibiting companies. Source: AUMA – Current messages Read More

UFI’s 5 trends to watch in 2020

The UFI has published trends in the exhibition industry for 2020. These include globalisation, sustainability, customers’ trust, the business model evolution and the USP of our industry. Source: AUMA – Current messages Read More

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